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Questionnaire Highlight: Special Abilities in ASD

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We hope that you will complete the "Special Abilities in ASD" questionnaire at We want to learn more about the abilities, special skills and Savant syndrome in children with an ASD. Please login to complete this questionnaire and see what other questionnaires are available to be completed on your family members.

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Good News Corner

 These are such wonderful stories that it has inspired me to start a new section for our AutismResearch Newsletter - called "Good News Corner". The regular news is usually bad (or much more bad news than good) and even the Autism stories are often about the difficulties and rarely celebrates the wonderful stories such as these.

Charitable gift a "huge" gift for a grateful family: "Pat Lalonde was recently informed that the government funding for her daughter's autism therapy had been cut. But thanks to the generosity of others, 12-year-old Lauren will be able to continue her programming - and Lalonde couldn't be happier." Read more...

A girl's best friend: "Emily Buchholz and her dog Rocky are a pair that's hard to break up. That's because Rocky, as her service dog, is with her at all times, especially in her Grade 3 class at Bayridge Public School." Read more...

J-Mac continues to inspire five years after scoring feat: "Can it really be that five years have passed since that remarkable night in February 2006 when Jason McElwain of Greece gave Rochester - and ultimately, the world - a performance no one will ever forget?" Read more...

Architecture for Autism: "My late brother was autistic and I noted what things affected him such as bright light, unpredictable sounds, heat, obsession with detail over the bigger picture, order, sameness, stimulation, stability and calm. I completed my thesis on buildings for people with autism whilst at college and since practicing as an architect I have designed a number of buildings for children and adults with autism as well as continuing my research. Click here to download pdf file...

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