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Autism Spectrum Disorders – Canadian-American Research Consortium

The Autism Spectrum Disorders - Canadian-American Research Consortium Invites You to Participate in ASD Research! ASD-CARC is an international, multi-disciplinary team of more than 70 researchers and clinicians working with over 3000 families in Canada and the United States dedicated to Understanding the Autism Spectrum.

A Team Approach

ASD-CARC Researchers

"We need to study thousands of families across the lifespan and distill information about their characteristics, both differences and similarities, and their responses to treatments over time.

This will help us to develop profiles for different sub-types and traits of ASD and a much better understanding of each person's individual needs."

Jeanette J.A. Holden, PhD

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Meet Our ASD-CARC Summer Trainees

This summer ASD-CARC has been fortunate to welcome a number of student volunteers and Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) students to the team. The SWEP program allows students to learn about their subject of study, while offering them the unique opportunity to contribute to the Queen’s research community. ASD-CARC is grateful to employ all of this summer’s trainees from various disciplines having many different talents. Each of this year’s students has a keen interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and has started the summer working on various projects related to their career goals.

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ASD-CARC Summer Trainees

We Need You!

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ABDI - Help us to validate a new Aspergers diagnostic tool. Participants are currently being recruited to study the effectiveness of a new measure, the Asperger's Disorder Behavior Inventory (ADBI) by Ira Cohen, PhD.

This tool will assist in both the diagnosis and treatment planning of individuals who are in the higher range of functioning on the Pervasive Developmental Disability (PDD) spectrum and should be of benefit to the affected persons, their parents and to professionals.

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Adults Count!

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Adults Count! is a province-wide survey that will provide important information of the needs of adults on the Autism Spectrum. This information will be used to advocate for more services for adults and provide a better profile of individuals on the Spectrum 16 years of age and over.

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Translators Needed!

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Help us to translate our research materials into French and Chinese. We are looking for volunteers to proof-read translations of our website and questionnaires. We also want to ensure that these materials are culturally appropriate.

Please contact us if you are interested in proof-reading and providing feedback on our translations.

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Autism Research in Motion is coming to you!

ASD-CARC’s state-of-the-art mobile research laboratories allow ASD-CARC researchers to take research to families affected by ASDs right in their own communities. The Mobile Lab, Autism Research in Motion!, is touring Ontario this summer. Dr. Jessica Ward-King and the Mobile research team will be working with families on some important autism research studies.

Find out if the lab is coming your way and learn more about our studies.

ASD-CARC Research in Motion bus.


Complete our online registration form at (this will take 5-10 minutes) giving your informed consent, asking about your immediate family members (dates of birth and diagnoses), how to contact you, and what types of studies you are interested in.

E-mail |

1-866-273-2272 (Toll-free within NA) | 613-548-0156 (Kingston and area) | 604-875-3023 (Vancouver and area)

1-888-556-6057 (Toll-free within NA) | 613-548-8385 (Kingston and area) | 604-875-2145 (Vancouver and area)


Pen and survey sheet. Mail
c/o Autism Research Program
191 Portsmouth Avenue, Queen’s University
Kingston, ON K7M 8A6

Thank you for your participation!

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Jeanette Holden,
ASD-CARC Program Director


"Together We Will Discover a Better Tomorrow."