Researchers: John A. Tsiouris, M.D., and Ira L. Cohen, Ph.D of the NYS Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities

Purpose of the Study:  We are looking for associations between biological factors and whether or not a person with autism shows aggressive or self-injurious behaviors. Therefore, please fill out the form whether or not this person shows significant aggressive behaviors.

Aggressive behaviors towards others, objects, and self, which constitute the core of challenging behaviors, are major intractable problems reported in 30% to 60% of persons with intellectual disabilities (ID).  Many of these persons have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Aggressive behaviors interfere with education and socialization because they lead to exclusion from schools, programs, and community activities. Aggressive behaviors are also responsible for out-of-home placements as well as referrals for behavioral and psychiatric intervention. Persons with ASD and aggressive behaviors have been treated with many psychotropics, especially antipsychotics, due to the unsupported notions that aggressive behaviors in persons with ID are mostly associated with psychotic disorders and that antipsychotic drugs have anti-aggressive properties.  Aggressive and self-injurious behaviors have been linked to a variety of psychological factors such as frustration, poor communication skills, and physical/emotional abuse but many people with ID exposed to these same situations do not show aggressiveness or self-injury.

How long will it take? Participation involves completion of an online questionnaire, which will only take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Who can participate? We are inviting all families who are able to provide information about their children with an ASD, regardless of whether or not they display aggressive behaviours.

How can I participate?
Login or register. After you have logged in just click on the name of the child for whom you are completing the questionnaire about, and then click on the questionnaire "Modified Overt Aggression Questionnaire."